Woodwork for Beginners Level 2 – The Lidded Box

Build on your Level 1 skills and apply them to more challenging joinery.

Make a solid Red Grandis hardwood lidded box using a wide variety of hand joinery.

At the end of this course you will take home a versatile hardwood box with hinged lid and the hand joinery skills to either start making more advanced projects at home or, to join one of our level 3 project classes to make a piece of furniture to your own design.


  • Tune and use hand tools effectively
  • Accurately mark out, cut & fit a wide variety of hand joinery:
    • rebate
    • through housing
    • through dovetail
    • mitre
    • stopped haunched mortice and tenon
  • Fit hinges
  • Assemble, glue, cramp and finish your project

Extensions for faster paced woodworkers: half lap mitre and stopped housing


2 - Suitable for those who have completed our Woodwork for Beginners Level 1 course.


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