The Makershed Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice will be updated from time to time as we adopt new personal data practices or policies. You should check our website frequently to see the current Privacy Notice that is in effect and any changes that may have been made to it.

By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Notice. You agree that any dispute over privacy or the terms contained in this Privacy Notice will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom (UK). You also agree to arbitrate such disputes in the UK. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, you should not use this website or engage in any dealings with the Makershed.

How we collect and use (process) personal data

The Makershed may collect data about customers, suppliers, enquirers or any other person who contacts us.

We use this data to manage the running of our courses and the workshop space.

The data we collect varies but is limited to a person’s name, email address and telephone number and if required, address.

We will only collect information from you that is relevant to our dealings with you and will only use it for this purpose.

We only share data with third parties who are facilitating or enabling the delivery of Makershed courses or use of the Makershed workshop (for example tutors). All third parties with whom data is shared are subject to a privacy agreement with us which prohibits them from copying, storing or sharing your data and restricts it’s usage in line with this notice.


The Makershed sends out quarterly newsletters to people who have actively opted in to receive them either through the website or by email or other written communication. If you have opted to receive newsletters and now wish to no longer receive them please let us know by email to

Payment Card Information

The Makershed takes payments using Paypal. If a purchase is made through our website then payment card information is shared only with Paypal. If payment is taken by us over the phone or in person using the Paypal card reader, then any payment card information recorded by us in order to facilitate the transaction is immediately destroyed following completion.

How we store personal data

Data that is shared via email is stored in our email archives.

Data that is shared when you place an order through our website is stored on our website.

Data that forms part of records such as newsletter mailing lists, course waiting lists, complaints, information requests, data protection requests or similar is stored on Makershed local devices and Google Drive.

No physical records are kept.

All data and records are password protected.

We will normally keep your data throughout the period of time that we have dealings with you and afterwards for a period of six years.

Use of The Makershed website

We only use cookies on our website to enable functionality (for example to enable logging in) or as part of Google Analaytics.

We do not store any personal data in any cookies or use cookies for any other purpose.

If you would prefer not to receive any cookies from us, you can configure your browser to reject them. Where your browser is configured to accept cookies we shall take this as consent to use cookies as outlined on this page. Please note that blocking cookies may result in parts of our website no longer functioning properly for you.

The Makershed Facebook and Instagram pages

The contents and lifespan of cookies on these social media platforms are not under our control. Please visit these sites for further information on their privacy and cookie policies.

Contact us

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with information about what personal data The Makershed collects about you and how it is used. If you have any questions, please contact us at

If you wish to confirm that we are processing your personal data, or to have access to the personal data we may have about you, or request deletion of any personal data we may have about you please contact us at

Data Protection Officer

The Makershed Data Protection Officer is:

Jenny Smith
The Makershed
St Pauls Learning Centre
94 Grosvenor Road

Phone: 07599 670365

The Makershed is the trading name of St Pauls Workshop Limited. Our registered address is 9a Prospect Close, Winterbourne Down. BS36 1BD and registered company number is 10532101