The Makershed Power Tools Policy

The Makershed Level 3 Woodwork Classes are for making furniture and other small scale items using hand tools and traditional joinery techniques.

We do however, own a number of hobby sized power tools and level 3 woodworkers are permitted to use these tools where the use of hand tools would be particularly problematic or onerous. We have very small power tools room connected to the workshop where power tools can be taken by one person at a time and used with portable dust extraction.

In order to manage the use of these tools safely in classes, makers must complete a full health and safety induction for each tool prior to using it. You must also complete a liability disclaimer – use of these tools is at your own risk.

It’s really helpful to plan ahead for power tool use. The health and safety inductions can only be carried out where tutor time permits in classes and it may work out better to join in with another class for an induction on a tool that you know you’ll be wanting to use. There may also be a wait. You will need to complete an induction and be supervised twice using a tool safely before you will be permitted to use it on your own.

Once you have discussed your project plans with your tutor please email Jenny on to make any power tool induction arrangements.

September 2022